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Restructure your team

Business owners: If your vision, mission and core values are not driving your team and staff, you then revisit, regroup and begin again!!!…Lisa Thomas, Success and Leadership Coach.   If you need help aligning your team with your vision, call me at 704 909 7663 or visit our website at

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      “Never hide behind your greatness” Lisa Thomas, Success and Leadership Coach, The P3 Group, Inc. Call me for a Private Power Session if you’re not sure of your greatness…  

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Faith Is……………..

‎ “Faith IS………….not wavering, conditional or subjective…It simply is..Find it, keep it and nurture it…”…Lisa Thomas

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Go The Distance Series!

‎”Sometimes you gotta Revisit, Regroup & Commit again, but first Sweet Surrender To Go The Distance”…Lisa Thomas

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Lisa’s take on faith

‎”All things manifest in the space of focus, persistence, consistency and unwavering faith.” Lisa Thomas from The Power, Passion and Purpose Group( The P3 Group) Contact me for a 30 min private power coaching session that will literally give you new meaning to the word faith….  

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