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Day 8 Abs Challenge

In my younger years, I’d say ” rest for what”, now it’s become required to restore, rejuvenate and rekindle my enthusiasm for the process. So today, I rest my mind and body for what’s to come! Day 8 Ab Challenge Complete- Rest!    

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Day 7 abs Challenge Complete

After experiencing excruciating pain for months, I refuse to be held down. The doctors have claimed that I have mild/ moderate arthritis and an old injury causing more pain, however I’m determine to remain active. Life is too short. As I approach 50 this coming year, I find myself more determined than ever! In Mind […]

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Day 6 Abs Challenge Complete

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This morning at 4am I read an article in Inc magazine that talked about focus. I was reminded of how many distractions exist; from ringing buzzing cell phones to constant emails, and unexpected request. All of these things derail focus and more importantly our most desired goals. So today as I took on the ab […]

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