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CEO/Strategist/Writer/Thought-Leader…../(awaiting what’s next)

I’m evolving and life is soooo much better!

I believe that to really grow and evolve into your highest potential, you must develop a burning desire for forging an uncharted path in life. It requires going against the grain a little, and standing erect in the muddy waters of discomfort while facing the unknown.

In the spirit of forever reaching for the stars, I tend to live life like this in full throttle, pushing boundaries and going against the grain.

I’m delighted you stopped by. This website, magazine/blog thingy is a cosmic love letter of poetic prose, short stories and snippets all written by me.  Some are true experiences of my own and some are a script as an observer. It’s a soul filled journey of past, present and future moments, lessons and experiences, if you will. There are times that I dive into mysterious places; both sheepishly and boldly navigating obstacles in pursuit of freedom and expression.  While other times, I allow my non conforming inner world to find words to convey a message, or simply string them together letting my heart reveal whatever it wants. There are subtle hints that my life hasn’t always been easy but you’ll see I purposefully lean in and direct attention towards the parts that have worked in my favor.

To some, I’m an introvert; quiet and soft spoken, loving my zen. Yet to others I’m a force to be reckoned with,  and a voice of command on stage. And. For. A. Chosen. Few,  I’m comedic, and romantic.

Yes, I am all of these descriptors and none of them; rarely boxed in, often speaking what most won’t and challenging people to be better.

I hope your stay here opens new thought, helps you find solace in your personal journey and skirts on the edge of your beliefs to bring about an new awakening. Or simply find yourself entertained.  The words are my own, but the discovery of your meaning is encouraged. I’m not a therapist or counselor but you might stumble upon therapeutic or refreshing insight.

By day, I’m the CEO of The P3 Group™, masterminding the growth and expansion of a vision to empower business women around the globe. When I’m not doing that, I’m an all around chill person who loves nature, learning, cooking, physical movement, family time and growing stuff…………………….but there are also significant moments when my feathers are ruffled and writing becomes my resting place; a sacred refuge I’ve held since I was 12 years old.

To that end……

Everything that follows begins with what you’ve read here!

Stay awhile!


More about me and my greater purpose by day:

See http://www.TheP3Group.com

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