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Lisa H. Thomas

Poet, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Expert Success, Business & Leadership Coach

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The Power Lives Within You and It's Always Been There!

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Lisa in Action - Facilitating the P3 Business Boost Workshop

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Learn Key Strategies for Attracting Clients Like A Magnet!

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Recent Projects

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Inspiring Quotes & Notes

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Marketing Training Program

This business training program will educate you in new ways of operating your business marketing plan at a much deeper level, assisting with creating positive strategies that you can use immediately!

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Beautiful Poetic Prints

These beautiful 11 x 17 high-gloss color prints can be used as an elegant display in your home. While they can be used to beautify your home, the message in each of them is designed to inspire you in a way like never before.

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Inspirational Speech At Church

Do You Know Who You Are?
Here I share a few tips to empower women at my mother’s church – Andrews Chapel Freewill Baptist Church in Trenton, NC.

My Latest Videos, Articles & Blogs

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Do You Know Who You Are by Lisa H. Thomas

Here I share a few tips to empower women at my mother’s church – Andrews Chapel Freewill Baptist Church in Trenton, NC.
I wanted it to be inspiring, yet a personal testimony  of what […]

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The Gap is Often Necessary

I’ve grateful for a pivot towards greater by building a gap! Read More

The Unforgiven Mistake

I’ve learned that the unforgiven mistaken revealed the real tragedy of trusting in unforgiving person! Yikes! Read More
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The Only Way Out is Through

Sometimes the conditions are not favorable, but the only way
out of the conditions is through them. 
When I challenged myself to walk 10k steps a day for a year, the weather
wasn’t always right. It […]

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Success – Only The Strong Survive!

as the day broke my senses awakened and heat quickly invaded my body. I stroked my face to meet the damp beads rising on my forehead. My lower extremities ached unlike any other […]

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Walking on Sunshine

Day 188 and I’m feeling a little better about the days ahead. I’ve mastered the walking thing. It’s become second nature and I let nothing get in the way of my goal being […]

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6 months to focus on me and my business, 6 months to stay out of yours!

I’ve been blessed to do great things in my business and for my circle of friends. I’m proud of what has been accomplished and while I’m grateful, I’m conscious that there were times […]

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Cracking the Code

75 Days, and counting!
I took this challenge to begin breaking up my old patterns of business as usual, and drive out the inflammation in my body.
I knew I needed a indirect way to […]

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As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Inc, founder of The P3 Connection, Inc, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine and host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show – bringing over twenty years experience in relationship, business and individual life coaching.

My career has been devoted to the vision that every woman, with the right tools, can live a life of power, passion and dreams come true.

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The Power Lives Within You!