Blindness is a State of Being

Ray Charles in the movie Ray said, “I mean, when you’re blind, Miss Antoine, you ain’t got that many choices.”

I say that for some of us blindness is a “state of being”.

When you’re blind to the magnificence of who you are, you ain’t got that many choices but when your eyes can see your greatness, the world opens up and sings to YOUR song!!”

Ray Charles could see lyrics in his mind, hear music in his heart and produce extraordinary sounds that penetrated many around the world. Although he could not see through his natural eyes,  he did see his greatness that lied within.

He fostered his gift of greatness and inspired every ear who heard his music.

What greatness within, have you not yet seen to let go free?

Contact me if you’re blind to your own greatness!

Lisa Thomas –  Success and Leadership Coach

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