Get Somewhere and Sit Down!


My mama used to say when I was young “get somewhere and sit down!”. Didn’t know how therapeutic and transformational that could be until recently. I’d been moving too fast in too many directions and in one of our mother daughter conversations, she said it again -“you should probably get somewhere and sit down;  maybe you could see some things you hadn’t seen before”.

I thought to myself for a second, well I thought I did that….But I realized I hadn’t done it recently – and particularly not the get somewhere, sit down and let it all go and see what comes back part.

I let some things go that didn’t come back into my world, I shifted my position about some other things and allow some new things to come in.

I found that when I did that and slowly let those things back in that my spirit was calling for, I was set free of the hustle and bustle of life I’d created for myself.

This little reminder gave me the time I needed to regroup, recenter and focus on more important things..

Things are much more calmer and the most amazing things is more of who I am is free to be expressed.

I guess I should “get somewhere and sit down” more often and see who I am to become next…

Thanks mom!!!…

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