I Embrace My High Standards!

Flaunting Fifty MotoI’m in full swing of the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse. It has been my “go to” for reflection and transformation for years now. This is quite the experience as this one is all about me. I’ve included others and friends for the last few years however I wanted this one to focus solely on me. The Mind Body Spirit Cleanse

This time around  the intention  is to exercise discipline as a means to heighten my performance and drive up limitations in my ability to achieve a big goal. So far, this is what I’ve uncovered..

For years, I tried to modify my standards to meet people where they were. I thought that was the best practice at the time – borrowing from the old Chinese proverb – “go to the people, start with what they know, build on what they have.”

I think I must’ve missed a few pieces of the quote because I gathered new findings in the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse. I begin the hunt to find out why I would modify my standards.  The question in and of itself starting a churning in my belly. “Modify my standards? Had I done that?I couldn’t wrap my head around that being true, but…..

Yes! I had. And I knew I’d done it before because many of my thoughts, wants and desires were being set aside when making decisions that involved others. Not that they pressured me to do it. I DID IT TO MYSELF!  And I was pissed about it…..Uh! I gasped at the mere thought of it!

So in my investigation, observing my life, I discovered that I’d been lessening my standards; devaluing them, shrinking back. That notion stunned me!

Me? Shrinking back? No way! The realization was slowly opening up a new pathway of discovery.  I just had to sit with myself and let it sink in that I had actually devalued my standards. It took me a moment  to even be with that idea.

So I pondered a while; and I pondered some more!!

Then I asked myself – but why? Why would I shrink back?  I had to go a bit deeper to understand this process I’d adopted. As I let me guard down, I let my vulnerability free. I noticed a number of things. 

A. Avoiding rejection – the mere thought of being rejected or judged plagued me. Hadn’t seen or acknowledged that before.

B. Being Liked – What if they don’t like me – at 50 who has that as an issue. Well, we all do, including me.

C. Avoiding being uncomfortable and having to confront someone with my truth. As I examined this idea, the next question showed up and it was this. I believe this was the most dominating reason of all. So then I went further – Well, what was my truth?

Hmmm,  I hate people who are late. I hate people who constantly say they’re going to do something and don’t do it, I detest a bold faced promise that isn’t kept.

Then I checked myself. “Lisa, do you always keep your promise?”

No! Absolutely not. There are times that I don’t.  However it is rare and not the norm for me. I tend to communicate if I’m not going to be able to honor something.  That’s a practice for me; a way of life. It works!

So, in the fullness of my embracing the totality of this discovery, a new paradigm awakened. I had been making people wrong, judging them for not meeting my standard, more importantly not fully considering or having an appreciation for what they might have going that would have them choose something else. 

I felt liberated! I could embrace my high level of expectation and performance.  I could better articulate what I wanted for me, my life, my business and my relationships.

I want to build a life of people around me like that; people who charge themselves with the same standard. As we build our muscle together to perform at a high level of integrity, we can withstand any challenge that comes our way. If we’re not ready,  the storm will wash us all out to sea!

When Satan brings the storm, I want to whisper back and tap him on the shoulder and say, “excuse me sir, but “WE are the STORM – GET OUT OF OUR WAY”.

What are you holding on to? What is your truth? What keeps you from being totally free to see your brilliance? What’s holding you back? How have you given your power away?

The cleanse is a 90 – day process designed to have you confront your most challenging inner workings that elude you from living at the highest vibration in life. It is a rigorous process that you “must” be ready for.

I’m excited about what else I might see. It’s only been two weeks! Stay tuned!





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