Speaking, Believing & Seeing!

Photo by Lisa Thomas from my collection of Inspiration

There’s a scripture in the bible that says, “speak those things that be not as though they were”….

Often we read, quote and recite scriptures and we do it well. Some know them verbatim and in some cases can tell you exactly where to find it in the bible.

However some allow the words to roll off their tongues without any real belief that what they speak IS……..really true.

The piece that’s often neglected for consideration is believing; Believing before we see. Some might refer to that as “Faith”….

To those I say,

“Faith is….unwavering, unmovable and unshakable…..It simply is”


“Seeing is believing but it takes a wo(man) of great vision, faith and discipline to believe before he sees”….Lisa Thomas, Success and Leadership Coach,
To find ways to change your internal mapping system to believe before you see, contact me for a 30 minute power session that will literally change your belief in YOU….

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