The Power of Your Voice!

“The power of your voice will change the state of your results”..

Lisa Thomas - Oct 2012 (2)
That’s me using my voice to offer change in how business owners network to do business with each other……

This is a  powerful way of actualizing unprecedented results. It baffles me that people don’t use their voice to evoke change in their lives and in the world.

You must find a way to exercise your right to speak your views and opinions, not just to ramble on and complain but to bring about new opportunities for a better world and a better YOU.

YOUR voice will and can change the state of any result, but most importantly yours…

Here’s a very real example: I have a very successful acquaintance whose husband constantly puts her down. He says negative things to her that makes her feel less than, inadequate and insufficient. On the outside looking in, the relationship seems flawless however from the inside, there is turmoil – not necessarily for him but for her. As far as he’s concerned there’s nothing wrong and they are as much in love as they were in the beginning. He has no clue that his words have an impact on her ability to succeed and achieve greater success. Why? Because she has never exercised her right to voice her views and experiences of his words.What’s interesting is the fact that she can exercise her right to speak in business and produce enormous success but fails to do so in her marriage.

You train people how to treat you and if you’re not training them right, they will be trained to do it wrong. Either way, you’ve trained them.

Another example in business is asking for the deal. In this case, your voice has to raise the question “Can we do business” or “Are you ready to sign the contract?”. One of these two questions alone will change the course of the results.

A few suggestions for exercising your voice

Be bold – You must be willing to speak your truth.

Trust your instincts – Your internal compass never lies. Allow it to be your GPS for speaking your truth.

Let Go – Let go of the outcome and allow the conversation to flow naturally.

Be compassionate – You can be bold and compassionate. The other person also has their truth to tell. Allow it to be told.

Establish Ground Rules – Establish some rules for talking. Example: You talk, I listen. I talk, you listen.  In business, create the ground rules by taking charge of the situation and creating an agenda for your meeting.

Use your voice to change the state of your results. It may just give you freedom to be more of who you are.

In the meantime, happy voicing your truth – After all, truth breeds truth!!! You might just get what you really want!!!!

P.S. These are just “TWO” of many examples of how the power of your voice can change results. For the woman reading this who is in an abusive relationship with someone who hits you, seek help – voicing your views to an abuser may only cause more abuse!!!

If you are a business owner, there’s a wonderful article on asking for what you want and getting it in the business world. Read it here: Ask for What You Want and Get it!

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