Cracking the Code

75 Days, and counting!

I took this challenge to begin breaking up my old patterns of business as usual, and drive out the inflammation in my body.

I knew I needed a indirect way to send me into new heights of producing result in areas I was stagnant.  In the past, my discipline to do that was fleeting at best. I had amassed a certain level in business however I was starving for increased performance.  I had identified areas of improvement where I would produce for a while but revert back to “reasons” why I couldn’t keep going.

After 75days of walking 10k steps daily, I see it’s in fact dedicated small consistent steps that win the game. I walk slowly, as to not cause injury and promote movement. I walk daily to train my inner self that I am consistent; persistent and loyal to my word to me. I develop new ways to get it done to instill innovation in my core.

I’m building something here! It’s called success on a higher plane.  We elevate, when we expand. And sometimes, it means taking it sloooowwwww!

I mean, hey, the tortoise did beat the hare, and well… one has ever eaten the “whole” elephant!
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