6 months to focus on me and my business, 6 months to stay out of yours!

I’ve been blessed to do great things in my business and for my circle of friends. I’m proud of what has been accomplished and while I’m grateful, I’m conscious that there were times I’d sacrificed my own self-expression and  well being. Yes, at 50 years old, I finally noticed one of the reasons life seemed dull. The world rewards sacrifice and it’s considered noble, or good. I had truly taken it to heart….so much so that I’d become comfortable feeling hurt and dissatisfied.

But I was ready to break the cycle of comfort with neglecting me. I’d also been experiencing discomfort in my body; arthritis is what the doctors call it.( don’t like adopting terms placed upon me so I call it discomfort.)  I knew I had to create a new mantra, a new practice that would break my habit of being comfortable and promote a “put me first” and “healthier” lifestyle. Walking 10k steps per day was the perfect practice, so I committed to do it daily for at least 1 year.

6/30/2018 marked 6 months of the journey. It hasn’t been easy, but so so worth it. While I’ve accomplished a 10k walking milestone goal, it has been the persistent, consistent discipline of putting myself first and standing for better health that has gotten me here.

The strength to focus on my own business of life has gotten stronger. Surprisingly, nowadays it is “my” goal I’m focused on, rather than those placed on me or those I compare myself to. It is also “my” heart” that I give attention to rather the rest of the world.  I have more to give, more to love and more to feel great about. I found that I’m of better service when I’m achieving more with less time, effort and most importantly heart break. It has been quite the journey!

And well, the next 6 months continues with a healthier nutritional regimen. Gluten, dairy and sugar free along with my 10k steps per day. I can’t say what the next 6 months will bring, but it’s bound to be a new day, a new dawn for 2019 ….and I’m thrilled to forge ahead in discovery!

As my mother and grandmother used to say “‘If I take 6 months to attend to my business and 6 months to stay out of yours, well, before you know it, the year is up!”  Let’s just say, ….I’m taking their advice!!!

Join me and let’s go together!

Lisa H. Thomas
CEO/Sr. Business Strategist
704 909 7663
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