What’s Your Motivation – Day 11 Abs Challenge Complete

As I’ve taken matters into my own hands to rebuild strength and endurance in my body, I find that some days things don’t quite go according to plan.  Living in pain is not something I’m interested in doing, so I’ve made adjustments in my old workout routine to better handle the challenges my body faces daily.

First, I pray and meditate asking God to rid my body of any discomfort ahead and I typically delight in the process, finding enthusiasm in completion of it. However today, right smack in the middle of my routine, I received a call. The call came with unexpected news. It took me off course for a second – isn’t that how life is? You’re rolling right along and bam, the unexpected takes you in another direction?

But not today!

Today, I received the call in stride and kept things moving. “The world stops at the hand of my gavel, not someone elses. I am the authority of my life cause I got thangs to do, and I need to be healthy to do it. My vision and destiny are bigger than someone’s distraction!!!

I am the only judge ruling the future!

Day 11 Abs Challenge Complete  PLUS Roading Cycling.

Pause in the bikeWorkout: Road Cycling

Date: Oct 11, 2015

Distance: 5.71 mi

Duration: 44:19

 Look, if you’re turning 50 next year, you betta start getting sexy now!!!


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