When the Truth Stinks but the Risk Worth it!

When the truth stinks by Lisa H. Thomas…..

Uncluttere experienceHow often do we stop ourselves from taking risk? Safety is the best policy, isn’t it? We’ve heard that before I’d imagine. But no great leader ever succeeded being comfortable.

I recently did a segment on My Carolina Today and I found myself worried about how I might look on camera. I’d let my hair grow, dyed it and allowed someone to talk me into a different look. I wasn’t too keen on the length of my hair and was about to cut it but thought hey, I’ll try something new. So I did. I wanted to believe that it would be fine, but somewhere deep down; I knew this look might not be the prettiest version of me. Well, not only was it not my greatest version, it was probably one of my worst on camera, yet.

Funny, how we make such a big deal about hair, makeup, clothes, eyeliner, nail polish etc… There was a time that I wouldn’t do anything for the fear of looking bad, failure or even success. There’s this quote that says, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.Mark Zuckerberg. I took a risk…Was it a risk worth taking? Well, that will reveal itself in time.  Yes, the truth is this was a bad hair day for the camera and it stinks, but another truth is risk always pays off in the end.

Risk is a part of success. Many great leaders take risk, but suffer in silence with the fear of having taken them.   In the bad hair segment, I talk about the lone ranger, and  how sharing your greatest challenges and weaknesses can be an asset to your success.

The big question: Who do you confide in if you are the risk taker, who never has the room to fail and expected to be “perfect” in every way every day all day. Take a look and see what I had to say about that.


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