The Ulimate Betrayal

DSC_5974I gave a speech to a group of women admitting I felt betrayed by myself when I moved to Spring Lake. I shared candidly that a part of me almost died as a result. When I found myself in a place I vowed to never live, I had work to do to regain trust in myself.

I hadn’t realized the magnitude of what I’d said, and the deep revelation until the Mind Body Spirit Cleanse.  I found many answers during the process. I now honor me. My ultimate and next goal is choice and to allow the highest and greatest expression of who I am to be revealed.  I came to Spring Lake, NC out of what seemed like no choice. Now as I long as I stay true to me, honor me and give myself the gift of truth,  and tell that truth no matter what, I will trust myself again.

I’m in search of more love, passion, family experiences, travel, wealth, prosperity, extreme health, freedom and fertile surroundings filled with desire to uplift the greatest part of me.

With that said, I’m attached to nothing and only committed to: A multimillion dollar ability to choose and freedom to be open to allow it to flow in.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds..

Join me in the next Mind Body Spirit Cleanse, where we will find a deeper meaning of why we are here and choose to be powerful in our truth

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