Commit to Commit Later – Day 20 Abs Challenge Complete

Yosemite, CAEarlier I was at the gym doing some resistance training for my upper body when I looked down at my watch and noticed I was out of time. I had to stop to rush into a busy day of staff meetings and client calls. I didn’t have time to complete my abs challenge. I’d rather complete my workout in the morning, but today it just wasn’t in the cards.

So, I had to decide; stop now and forgo the complete workout or commit to commit later. I knew later would be tough but I wasn’t going to let myself down. So here I am late in the evening and I’ve just completed today’s abs.

I’d say my commitment to ME is paying off! Maybe I should marry myself! LOL…SERIOUSLY

90 sit ups

130 crunches

52 leg lifts

And 130 sec plank…

She is a happy camper!


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