Fifty, Fabulous and Forging Ahead

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that life is about what you make it. No one is ever going to make things happen for you. Life can either happen to you or life can happen because of you. I’m fortunate to have created my life in a way that I have a lot of freedom. My career path of entrepreneurship offers me flexibility relating to geographical location. With a solid foundation locally, I have the luxury of being able to move about freely with regards to work.

My travel has afforded me to witness an array of different standards, core values and beliefs throughout many cultures. As I approach 50, I’m noticing that cultural differences also permeate within same cultures and I should be aware of where the differences reside.
I was raised to have integrity, to be honest and think of others because my actions do have an impact. Not everyone lives by that standard, nor do we all have to. I appreciate American’s land of the free that is blanketed with a pot stirred with multiple flavors and nationalities.  However, it makes all the difference to know who has similar values and who do not. The best relationships and opportunities thrive when there is synergy, alignment and like dreams amidst the crowd.
So yes, I’m creating my life because of me with direct intention.
I’m reminded of my own spiritual equation given in meditation and prayer. It often leaves me  breathless and awe struck – FAITH + DELIBERATE ACTION + FOCUSED ATTENTION = THE FAVOR OF GOD! It’s a wonder so many amazing things are unfolding before my very eyes and life becomes easier – I know “who I am(my core values and beliefs, and whose I am(God’s child)”.
As I recognize our differences, I continue to find my own unique voice and can stand alone if I have to!!!
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