Open Minded – Day 17 Abs Challenge Complete

Who's the woman of many facesThis morning I woke up with hip pain. I couldn’t tell if it was sore from exercise or if was undeserved pain. So I thought “hmmm, how can I keep my workout moving?’ I’d heard about water aerobics classes and how they were good for those who love water and anyone who has experienced injury – needing to take it slow.  So, I took everyone who has been suggesting swimming or some water exercise up on their offer this morning. The class actually got my heart rate up. I was pleasantly surprised. And the stretching was awesome.

Oddly enough the pain has subsided – perhaps I just needed to stretch it a bit more. I’m excited that I kept an open mind about how to get the workout done. I’d been closed to anything slow moving;  I like to get things done as quickly as possible. Not to mention I’m also impatient so I prefer activities like running, TRX, weight lifting etc., but with this injury uh, not so much anymore!

The eye opener this time was sloooowwww and steady gets things done. And while I know that, I needed to apply it to workout regimen. Yoga, water aerobics, strength and stretch have become a part of my calendar. Who knew!!!!

So the question is “What have you been closed minded about that could catapult your results?”

And then I completed my abs – Day 17 Abs Challenge Complete



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