The Only Way Out is Through

Sometimes the conditions are not favorable, but the only way out of the conditions is through them.  When I challenged myself to walk 10k steps a day for a year, the weather wasn’t always right. It snowed, it rained some days., it was foggy at times, it was cold, I had to travel for business; I mean it wasn’t always a “good” time to walk. However, the walk had to be done if I intended to win the game I was playing. I had to be innovative in making it happen every day.  Business is no different. The same level of tenacity and innovation is required in business.

Most people want the big win, but they don’t want the grind that goes with it!

If you can’t find a way to get done what you want to get done, when the timing is all bad in business, you’ll stall. Or Quit. The business will stagnate and you might fold at some point.   What I tell client is this, business is hard. It’s challenging, it’s requires commitment, consistency and a serious love for it.

Because some days you ain’t gonna wanna. Some days, you will wish you had a job, and every now and again, Y I typically start a client off with what might be in their blindspot.

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